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3 comments | Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Excessive sweating is often painful and causes of fear of a person. There are many challenges related to the condition that more than physical suffering.

There are many opportunities for common sense, the problem of feeding the sweating is an important factor regarding the problem. A person should avoid drinking too much caffeine in coffee and soft drinks.

Caffeine is the poor condition because they can foster fear and more importantly, the hyper activity of the nervous system. Drink plenty of water every day to clean your system. Rejects water and regulates your body of toxins.

Food is another important point. Eat more fruits and vegetables in the integrated power plan. Try to remove excess sugar to improve their ability to reduce sweating. Always wear clothes, skin to breathe.

Loose clothing is best for your skin. The cotton fiber is good in the wet and warm wool in winter. Do not wear clothes close, the problem worse by sweating.

Bath and shave every day under the arms is a good exercise for this problem. Avoid red meat and strong smell of fish, as we know, increased sweating. Stress causes sweat to find an exercise to be done in a newspaper, work to reduce stress.

Walking is a simple and economic form of exercise. Practice of meditation and breathing to calm these factors contribute to an effective reduction of sweating to. Stress is often a great thing, like not forget this. If you have the common sense of these councils, improving their chances to reduce or control sweating.

It is not only a treatment, worked for 95% of people who have their method. This workaround for your problem lean away for the rest of his life, and that is security. They have a duty to try himself. For more information, please click the link below. Try and if you do not get their money.



Six tips on how you stick with your New Year's resolutions
1st Concentrate on positive self-talk. Congratulate you every time you make a step towards the resolution of their goal. Be your own cheerleader.
2nd Avoid if you are berating should fall or break a resolution. Only to itself and Paintbrush to restart.
3rd Stick to your resolution, as it is a promise to himself, not a test of their will.
4th Avoid situations in the way of temptation, that is, if you on a diet, do not go to the ice cream shop.
5th Keep a brief note in a prominent place for you to see every day, remind yourself of your resolution. (ie, in your bathroom mirror, next to his bed in the visor of his car in the fridge)
6th Be realistic. Make sure that your plan is realistic that you log into your lifestyle. Is it really the energy to go that night for the exercise class? Make changes as easy and pleasant as possible.

0 comments | Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The doctor has a "security" to limit alcohol consumption, we can say all day, 14 pints men to The Hague is far beyond the borders.

Men's Health reference among the three or four units a day - about a year and a half to two normal strength beer p Int.

In addition to health threats at the beginning and improve.

Weekly savings do not know him as a "unit" is a great weekend binge -2 007, May is too damaging.

Most people are aware of the immediate effects of excessive alcohol consumption - but as a body-building, these special effects are often resistant to the least known.

nausea and disease

Alcohol, resulting too irritation of the stomach, nausea and sickness, and lead to temporary impotence of men.

Alcohol has a dehydrating effect, and partly the result of the traditional hangover arrives.

However, is concerned about the long-term effects of a doctor.

Too much alcohol over a longer period may affect almost any organ of the body.

Alcohol is essentially a poison, and the culmulative impact is terrible.

You can drink long-term liver damage, liver, the body charged with alcohol and make sure the body to eliminate.

Damage to liver

There are three types of damage - in the foie gras, foie gras and deposits changing role, alcoholic hepatitis, an inflammation of the liver is serious and cause symptoms some cases this may lead to alcohol-related cirrhosis and liver Stop drinker.

The first two phases are usually reversible, but not the treatment of cirrhosis.

Major May drinkers suffer from chronic gastritis - be repeated every day, is essentially a style hangover nausea and disease. In May, suffered damage to the esophagus.

Pancreatitis is a common problem is much drinking - is very painful conditions, treatment is difficult and sometimes fatal.

It is also possible brain damage in some cases - alcoholic dementia are often in the very long period of alcoholism.

cardiovascular disease and stroke

However, there is damage to the heart and drink plenty of movement at risk. Recommended drinking obstacles to the most common cause is one of hypertension, cardiovascular disease may contribute a.

They also drink a lot, fever significantly increase consumption, probably lead to obesity and health risks increase.

Three units of alcohol a day regularly drink more than one type of stroke increases the risk of bleeding in the brain known as.

You can also contribute to osteoporosis, causing muscle weakness, skin eczema and psoriasis to deteriorate.

Among men, it is anticipated that the loss of libido and potency of the penis and testicles in order to reduce the loss of pubic hair fertiliy reduce cirrhosis of the liver and is present, more and more hair loss and the size of breast.

Among women, ovulation, the end of May, and chest and genitals crushed.

Many cancer associated with alcohol, in particular, mouth, esophagus, liver, stomach, colon, rectum, breast cancer among women could be.

Damage a fetus

The excessive use of alcohol, even outside the Bing, pregnant women, damage to the fetus.

It can lead to miscarriage, low birth weight and the worst case, fetal alcohol syndrome fell in May weakness in the group included IQ facial deformities and growth defects.

Moderate offer many studies have found alcohol consumption, for example one or two units per day, is particularly useful to protect against cardiovascular diseases.

This is not yet concrete evidence, because it is difficult to determine whether alcohol or another part of the drink, which comes into force.